BPS Would Like to See Some Changes Around Bainbridge

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Bainbridge, GA -- March 28, 2012 --

New Bainbridge Public Safety Director Eric Miller recently suggested a few proposals for the city. One issue he's concerned about is area eyesores.

"We have a number of areas that have quite a bit of junk tires, and they collect rain, which of course than breeds mosquitoes and other bugs," said Miller.

Beyond the bugs, Miller says junk tires are a serious fire hazard, esepcially at businesses.

"If they catch on fire tires are hard to put out...so we're proposing that those tires be removed by a certain time frame, and not as many of them are allowed to accumulate."

Other eyesores include cars parked in front yards, something that people from the city would also like to be rid of.

"It helps clean up our community, it helps things look better, housing areas look better, where there's not cars parked all throughout the yard," said City of Bainbridge communications directore Adrienne Harrison.

A curfew for children under 18 is also on Miller's list.

"If you're underage, you need to be in school, if not, you need to be at home with a parent or guardian," explained Miller.

Not only is Bainbridge Public Safety proposing a curfew for the day to make sure kids are staying in school, but they're also proposing one for at night.

"Unless you're working or with a parent or guardian at that hour, you need to be home at a certain hour, 11:30, 12 o'clock, because there's just nothing for anyone of that age to do."

BPS is hoping the curfew and junk tire crackdown will benefit both age...and beauty.