Restaurants in Boston, Georgia Now Allowed to Sell Alcohol

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Thomas County, Georgia- July 31, 2012- 10pm

Thomas County voters in the City of Boston had an opportunity to turn a dry city into a wet one...
On the ballot: an alcohol referendum for the city.
It would authorize the Boston officials to issue licenses to sell alcohol to be consumed within city limits. And the votes were close.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting,
53 percent of voters said "yes',
and 46 percent said 'no'...
This means that the City of Boston will now issue licenses to sell alcohol.

It certainly was a close race on an issue that has been generating a lot of buzz in Boston. Poll results show voters were almost split down the middle on the decision if restaurants in town should be allowed to serve alcoholic beverages and tonight, that answer is 'yes'.

The official name of the referendum is the "Distilled Spirits by the Drink."
Now that is has been approved, resturants in the City of Boston will now be able to apply for licenses to be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages. Up until now, no restaurant of cafe even had the option to serve alcohol. Although results were close, the residents we caught up post-election say they're all for it.

The passing of the referendum doesn't mean resturants have to sell alcohol, it just means they now have the option if they wish to do so.

Some of those people against the alcohol referendum, worry that by allowing restaurants to sell alcohol, it will attract crowds and take away from the quaintness of living in a small town, that originally attracted them to Boston.