Bridal Expo Helps Ease Wedding Stress in Valdosta

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Valdosta, GA- January 12, 2013

The check list of things to do when it comes to planning a wedding can seem endless.

Merrick Murphy is a soon to be bride. She said "we're almost overwhelmed because there is so much to plan and we haven't even started."

Her best friend Lacey Lee is also a soon to be bride. She said "from the food to the venue to photography, it's crazy."

But a bridal expo held at the Rainwater Conference Center on Saturday took the edge off. The idea was to establish a one-stop shop when it came to meeting your wedding needs. Many of the roughly sixty vendors spoke about the stress that can overcome the future Mrs. on her big day.

Lethonia Herring works at Rudine's Bridal Boutique in Valdosta. She said "a little bit always comes out in the bride. The groom is naturally calm cause there like I just need to show up and stand here."

That's not always the case. One bride said "I wasn't really stressed but the groom was. He was a groomzilla."

Stress isn't the only thing the groom has to worry about. Keith Jackson has been married for five years. He said "I almost forgot my lines when the pastor was saying those. I almost forgot my lines on that. You know because of the nerves and everybody looking at you."

The annual bridal expo has been held in Valdosta for the last eleven years.