Brooks County Sheriff's Department Looking For Robber On The Run

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Brooks County, Georgia- August 15, 2012

A rash of burglaries this week has stirred up the usually quiet town of Troupville, Georgia. One resident says it is already changing the way she lives her life.

"(I) don't talk to strangers. Don't stay out late at night. Make sure all the doors are locked. Put security systems in if you don't have it," said concerned resident Rose Pafford.

The Brooks County Sheriff's Department says two men robbed five homes Monday. They made off with $12,000 worth of flat-screen TVs and jewelry.

Deputies caught the men Tuesday but one got away. Sheriff Mike Dewey says there would have been a lot more break-ins if they had not been stopped.

"From the interview with the suspect that we apprehended, they (were) going to keep on going with it," said Sheriff Dewey.

Deputies caught 24-year-old Valdosta resident Byron Gipson. They chased the second man, but they still don't know where or who he is.

The Sheriff's department believes these men actually picked the Troupville area at random, saying they did not seem to know the area very well.

According to sources the man who got away took off behind the WAFT Radio Station and disappeared into the woods.

"We've got a basic description of him," said Sheriff Dewey. "He's about 5'9, 150lbs, black male, probably in his 20s."

That is not a concrete description, but it is a start in tracking down a suspect and giving residents like Pafford peace of mind.

Anyone with information about the robberies is asked to call the Brooks County Sheriff's Office.