Bullets Fired At Valdosta Home On New Years

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Valdosta, GA - It was a terrifying start to the new year for two women. Gunshots were fired into their home a few minutes after midnight. And investigators say it was no New Year's celebration, it was intentional.

"I've never been in a situation like this with someone shooting at me," said Tammi Thomas.

Thomas was at home with her roommate Critia McNeir as the calendar rolled to 2013. But amidst the celebration, Valdosta Police say someone took several shots at their house on Webster Street near downtown. Thankfully no one was hurt.

"When I went to the window and I saw the silhouette I went limp," said Thomas.

Investigators believe the suspect shot into the yard from the other side of the fence.

"It was as if he was trying to peer in. And that was the only way I could see him was because of his movement," said Thomas.

Police believe he was aiming at their car. The 2001 White Pontiac Grand Prix is totaled. It was the only car between the two women.

Another bullet just barely missed their dog Sky by mere inches.

"He was trying to hit my dog," said Thomas.

Thomas says it's not the first time either. She says a man shot up in the air from nearly the same spot three weeks ago.

The women say they know exactly who the shooter was. But Valdosta Police say they have no official suspects at this time as they are still investigating. Though they are interviewing some persons of interest.