Cairo, Georgia's Teresa Edwards Leads U.S. Team In Olympics

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Cairo, Georgia- July 27, 2012

The American athletes walking in London were led by a native of Cairo, Georgia.

Olympic Hall Of Famer Teresa Edwards is serving as the "Chef De Mission" for the U.S. team; or in other words team manager.

A packed gym at Cairo High School watched the Olympic opening ceremonies on a projector screen waiting to see their favorite former player.

"Teresa was born to be good. Whatever she does she is going to do it well," said Mildred Edwards, Teresa's Mother.

Edwards led a long career that culminated in her induction into the Olympic hall of fame in 2009.

"This is a higher honor for her. And I'm just thankful and thank God for her. And she deserves it. She deserves it," Mildred Edwards said.

Teresa Edwards played basketball at Cairo High School from 1978 to 1982. Then she played for the University of Georgia. At just 21 years old she won her first Gold Medal.

There have been a few more since then. 14 in fact. Now her biggest fans are glad to see her take on her new role as a leader.

"We're really excited to have her represent the United States of America, as well as Cairo. And I think it's great. We're all proud of everything she's always done," said Nola Daughtry, organizer of the event.