Cairo Man Gets 80 Years For Numerous Child Sex Crimes

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News Release: South Georgia District Attorney's Office

Grady County, Ga. -- Vincenzo Alestra has been charged and convicted with 14 counts of Felony Sexual Exploitation of Children (Possessing Child Pornography), one count of Felony Child Molestation, one count of Felony Aggravated Sexual Battery, one count of Felony Aggravated Sodomy and one count of Felony Aggravated Child Molestation.

District Attorney Joseph K. Mulholland and Assistant District Attorney David Atwell prosecuted the case. Alestra was sentenced to 80 years to serve in the custody at the state penal system by Judge Kevin Chason.

The case was initiated by the Department of Homeland Security when it was shown that Alestra had shared child pornography over the internet. With the assistance of GBI agent Lindsay Marchant and the GBI Computer Forensic Division, a search warrant was issued at the defendant’s residence. A seizure of his computer showed evidence showed dozens of images which depicted minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct, as young as 6-8 years of age.

During their investigation into the child pornography Alestra obtained it was also learned he may have assaulted a child. GBI agents discovered that Alestra had sodomized and sexually molested a minor child repeatedly under the age of 10 for over two years.
Also during the investigation of Alestra’s criminal background, the District Attorney and GBI discovered he had a previous violent sexual assault. In 1978 Alestra was charged and convicted of kidnapping, rape, and aggravated assault in Volusia County Florida. In that matter, Alestra kidnapped a random victim from a mall parking lot at gunpoint and raped and sodomized her in a remote location. The victim was leaving work at the mall and had never met or seen him before. She was 21 at the time. He was sentenced to 30 years but was released in 1999. After speaking with District Attorney Mulholland about the facts of this case, knowing that Alestra had done this to another victim, she agreed to testify against him in this case.

Mr. Mulholland stated, “We want the people of Grady County to know that there will be zero tolerance for such horrific crimes against children in the South Georgia Judicial Circuit. Given the defendant’s age this was essentially a life sentence which is exactly what he deserved. I cannot thank enough the Department of Homeland Security (Jeff White), GBI (Lindsay Marchant and Tony Banks), and Superior Court Judge Kevin Chason for their parts in making sure this monster will never again prey on innocent victims. ”