Candidates For Valdosta's Super Dist 4 Know All About Diversity

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Valdosta, GA - Some of the candidates running for races in Lowndes County are running for political office for the first time, including in the county's new Super District 4.

Super Districts 4 and 5 were created to lend more oversight to the county. They overlap the original 3.

The two candidates are a world apart. They are each vying to be the County Commissioner for Lowndes County's new Super District 4.

"I believe in second chances because what you do in the younger part of your life does not determine how you're going to grow up. Because hey, no body is perfect," said Demarcus Marshall, (D) Super Dist 4 Candidate.

Demarcus Marshall is a Valdosta native born and raised, but he comes from humble beginnings. He grew up in the Hudson Dockett Housing Complex for economically struggling families. Now he has big plans for Lowndes County if he's elected.

"More businesses. More jobs. More community economic development. Because without good economics you can't have good communities," said Marshall.

John Gates is a Cherokee Indian from North Carolina. He has lived in Valdosta for nine years.

"I want to look and see about our infrastructure. I understand we have some real problems with that. And we are on borrowed time with some of our systems," said John Gates, (R) Super Dist 4 Candidate.

Gates has had to make quite the recovery as an injured War Vet. He has three purple hearts. Now he is a piller of the Valdosta community working as director of the Lowndes Humane Society.

"And I just want to step up to the plate and serve (the community) even more than I've already done and I think because of that, that makes me the best candidate," Gates said.

Early voting is in progress now in Georgia. And it starts October 27th in Florida.