Chase Daughtrey Named Probate Court Judge Of The Year

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ATHENS – The Council of Probate Court Judges have voted Cook County Judge Chase Daughtrey as Judge of the Year during their recent Spring Conference at the University of Georgia.

Daughtrey has served the Council over the past year working on several issues that affected the Council and the public. On the legislative front, Daughtrey worked to secure legislation that allowed for prosecutors in the probate courts and worked on revisions to Title 40 that related to disposition of traffic offenses. He has also worked with a group of his colleagues to streamline the application process for Weapons Carry Licenses with the state vendor to make the process more user and customer friendly.

“I was honored and humbled to be selected as judge of the year by my fellow judges. I will be forever thankful to my probate judge family for this award. “ said Daughtrey.

Also during the Spring Conference, Supreme Court Chief Justice Hugh Thompson swore in Daughtrey as the President of the Council of Probate Court Judges. After being sworn in, Daughtrey launched his READY campaign for the council that centralizes on five components: Respect, Education, Assemble, Determination, and Yield Results. The READY campaign is designed to cultivate results that strengthen the probate judge’s council while benefiting the public.

Attorney General Sam Olens also addressed the probate court judges during the conference focusing on the important role that probate judges play in the lives of everyday Georgians.

“This conference was another reminder that the probate courts have the best judges in the state. Every probate judge in this state ensures that justice is served and the needs of the people are met. I appreciate the Attorney General and the Chief Justice for acknowledging the important role that the probate courts play to not only the judiciary, but to our citizens and taxpayers.” Daughtrey concluded.