Children With Cancer Ride In Rodeo To Raise Awareness

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By Greg Gullberg
April 06, 2013

Hahira, GA - There was a big rodeo Saturday, but these were no ordinary riders, each of them were kids with cancer.

The rodeo was at K.B. Horse Camp in Hahira, Georgia. Nine of the riders either have cancer or are in remission and the other three are riding in place of children who recently lost their battle.

The point is to raise awareness for childhood cancer. And organizer Kim McGhee says there's an easy way for more rodeos to help.

"Gold stands for childhood cancer awareness. And we say at rodeos 'are you tough enough to where pink'? And I want the rodeos to start saying 'Are you tough enough to where gold?'" McGhee said.

If you would like to get involved, find out how by clicking on the link below