City Plan Aims To Revitalize Local Neighborhood

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Thomasville, GA -- June 14, 2012 -

It's known as the Victoria Place Urban Redevelopment Project and it's main goal is to revitalize the Thomasville neighborhood.

"We've constructed parks, a new trial is proposed, there's new housing that's proposed. All of those improvements will also be accompanied by street improvements," said City Planner Lee Chastain

The project was initiated a few years ago, after people complained that the large amount of vacant and blighted properties were affecting property values in the area.

Renee Short says although the place she once called home was one of the first to go, she thinks the plan is beneficial.

"It helped us out, by tearing it down," Short said. "We're seeing an improvement in the neighborhood and that's a good thing."

Others, however, worry the upgrades will be too expensive for some residents to keep up with.

"The buildings and the houses and the stuff that they are doing, just make them affordable," said resident Veronica Kilpatrick. "That's my main thing, because a lot of people around here just can't afford it."

The plan also includes improved sidewalks, new signs, and even the creation of parks.

"About 100 volunteers from the neighborhood came out to build that park," Chastain said. "They're excited to see these changes taking place and can't wait to get started."

So far four houses have been built and six have been newly renovated. According to Chastain, they hope to have the project completed within the year.