City of Tallahassee Strikes Natural Gas Deal

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Tallahassee, FL -- May 14, 2012 --

Maybe you have seen a few school buses rolling around that look a little different. They run on CNG, or compressed natural gas. A new station will be opening up to fuel them with natural gas provided by the city.

"It's an affordable fuel choice that's cheaper and more economical than diesel or gasoline," said Stephen Mayfield from Tallahassee's natural gas utilities.

The move is expected to generate modest revenue for the city at first, but should generate at least half a million dollars for the city over seven years. The station will also serve the public who own cars that run on natural gas.

"As the station grows and we supply more gas to the station, the revenue to the city which will help keep the gas rates down will continue and continue," said Mayfield.

"This is going to save us a lot of money, it will allow us to put more resources back into the classrooms," said Leon County schools Superintendent Jackie Pons.

The Leon County Schools have a little over 40 buses that run on CNG. From a cost standpoint, they say this is a no brainer.

"We're saving about 7500 dollars a bus...start multiplying that by 50 buses, or 100 buses, or 200 buses, and you can see the savings to our taxpayers," said Pons.

Construction is underway near the intersection of Capital Circle Northwest and Highway 20 and they hope to start filling up in September.