[UPDATE] Colquitt Co. Band Director Charged With Sexual Assault Of Student, Released On Bond

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Colquitt County, Georgia- August 20, 2012

A high school band director is now free on bond after being charged with sexually assaulting a student.

"A lot of emotions at this time, we're all trying to do the best that we can and move forward," said Samuel DePaul, Superintendent of Colquitt County Schools.

School officials say that for them moving forward means finding new leadership for the Colquitt County High School's marching band.

The search comes in the wake of a sexual assault investigation. The band director, 42 year-old Paul Guilbeau, was arrested on Aug. 16, accused of having consensual sex with a 17 year-old student.

"This is the first incident to our knowledge" said Steven Colgan, lead investigator with the Moultrie Police Department. "We are certainly looking into the possibility of other victims or previous incidents."

Parents in the area find the allegations very unsettling.

"There's probably more of that that goes on than we know about, that nobody reports you know. It worries me," said Millicent Dean, a local mother.

Superintendent DePaul says the district hopes to fill the position within the next few days with either a retired band director or by hiring from within.

The main goal though is getting the students back on track.

"We've met with the student body and we are providing any kind of assistance students might need," said DePaul. "It's a disappointing situation, but it's something that unfortunately happens and you just have to pick up the pieces and move forward."

Guilbeau has since been suspended with pay, pending the outcome of the investigation. Investigators say Guilbeau is married to another teacher who works at Colquitt County High School.

Colquitt County, Georgia- August 16, 2012

Colquitt County High School band director Paul Guilbeau was arrested Thursday afternoon on a charge of sexual assault of a student. The second-year band director is accused of having consensual sex with a 17-year-old student. The alleged incident did not take place on school property, police said.

The Moultrie Police Department is investigating the incident.

WCTV will bring you more information as details become available.