Man Charged with Murder, DUI

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Doerun, GA -- May 17, 2012 --

Craig Adams was arrested May 10th for felony murder, D.U.I., and driving while license suspended. Adams is accused of intentionally hitting Robert Aldridge with a van and killing him.

It all happened on the 600 block of West Robinson Ave. in Doerun. Adams listed residence is also on West Robinson and Aldridge lives less than a quarter mile down the road on North Ticknor road.

According to the sheriff's office Adams said he fought with Aldridge before striking him with the van. They then say Adams parked his van in his yard and walked to Doerun city hall to turn himself in. A cross put up by local children marks where the murder allegedly happened.

Aldridge's sister doesn't know why Adams allegedly did it. She said "that's what we all want to know. Why, why, why this happened."

Aldridge was laid to rest this past Saturday. Aldridge's sister said she didn't know Craig Adams prior to the incident. Georgia State Patrol is also involved in this case and drew blood from Adams on May 10th with results still pending.