Commissioner of Agriculture Visits Lanier County

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-- Lakeland, Ga. -- October 11, 2012 --

Georgia's Farm Bureau celebrated its 75th year in Lakeland with a dinner that drew one of the top Agricultural officials. Gary Black, the state's commissioner of agriculture, who brought an important message.

He said "last year we lost five.. five famers to traffic accidents involving tractors and other motor vehicles on the road during this season."

Commissioner Black urged drivers to be careful when approaching farm equipment on the road as it moves much slower then the speed limit. The event drew a wide variety of people.

David H Lee of the Georgia Farm Bureau said "they're not all farmers but they're farmers at heart. And that's what's important, to have it in your heart."

Lanier County resident Linda Watson said "my father did not believe in cotton pickers and corn breakers. And stuff like that equipment. He wanted his children to get out there and pick the cotton and sucker the tobacco."

Agriculture is Georgia's largest industry. Blueberries are the number one selling fruit crop in the state.