Controversy Grows Over Deep South Sanitation's Right to Collect Waste in Lowndes County

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Winnie Anne Wright
January 21, 2013

Lowndes County, GA - The hits just keep on coming for Deep South Sanitation Owner, Cary Scarborough.

"This is our constitutional right to get out here and work. Me and my family are not harming anyone, we are actually giving this community, I would like to say, a great service for what we do. We do a very good service. That's the reason our company is growing like it is, because we enjoy doing this."

Scarborough says he thought his troubles were over when a local court dismissed a cease and desist order against his waste disposal company, but according to the small business owner, they were only just beginning. The Lowndes County Commission has joined Advanced Disposal, the company contracted to collect garbage in the county, in an appeal against the decision made by the court.

Scarborough says he doesn't understand why, in a free market economy, in which businesses are encouraged to compete, the County Commission seems to be favoring one business over the other.

"We have a contract with them. We have to honor that contract. And in order to honor that contract, we then have to move this process to the next level to see if our ordinances and contracts are valid", says Lowndes County Commission Chairman, Bill Slaughter.

Slaughter says this conflict has been a learning process for the Commission. One they hope to avoid in the future.

Scarbrough says he will continue collecting garbage in Lowndes County until the Georgia Supreme Court reaches a decision on the matter.