Local Correctional Officer Charged With Giving Inmates a Cellphone

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Live Oak, Florida- July 5, 2012

A former correctional officer is charged with bringing a cell phone into a state prison for inmates to use.

Kelly Dewayne Morgan is a former correctional officer at Suwannee Correctional Institution in Live Oak. According to records from the Suwannee County Jail, in April 2011, he accepted as much as $700 to bring a cellphone in for inmates to use.

"I just think it was wrong. I mean I think he knew it was wrong when he did it," said concerned citizen Marie Jones.

"Cause that's an outside privilege it shouldn't be for someone whose done something wrong," said concerned citizen Emily Cadle.

According to reports, Morgan would leave a cell phone by the fence for inmates so that they could call their families.

"They could be calling other people so they can get revenge and (make) escape plans and stuff like that," said concerned citizen Jacob Erickson.

"(It could be) to get them to do things they shouldn't on the outside for them," said Cadle.

"You never know what's going on when they're using the phones. When they're already criminals you don't know what's going on," said Jones.

According to reports, the charges are supported by sworn witness testimony and cellphone records. Officials say Western Union money transfer receipts show Morgan received $300 dollars directly and $400 dollars indirectly from inmate's families.

Morgan is charged with solicitation of unlawful compensation and attempted introduction of contraband into a prison. He is no longer employed with the Department Of Corrections.