Couple Marries at Relay for Life

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Thomasville, GA -- May 11, 2012 --

A Thomasville couple is giving new meaning to the vow, 'In sickness and in heath.'

"I just love everything about him. I love him unconditionally," says Rhonda White.

It's that unconditional love that brought Frankie Mitchell and Rhonda White together. They met six months ago through a friend. Like any relationship, they have their struggles. But right now, they're dealing with a life-changing one.

Frank is fighting Lung Cancer. He has been battling the disease for three and a half years...undergoing Chemo and radiation treatment every three weeks. But he says that battle has become easier with Rhonda by his side.

"She's been taking care of me for about a month before we actually started seeing each other. And she was my caregiver which is what is says on her shirt; Caregiver Bride. And we just fell in love from there," says Mitchell.

They've decided to share their love in a unique way. With the help from the women at the Singletary Oncology Center they're getting married at this year's Thomas County Relay for Life.

"I would never in a million years dreamed this. It had to be God," says White.

"It had to be for it to be put together like it's been put together," says Mitchell.

And showing the world an important lesson...

"I love you, Frankie Mitchell," says White.

"I love you, Rhonda White," says Mitchell.

That faith and true love can conquer all things, even Cancer.