Man Charged with Murder in Store Shooting Another Charged with Arson

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Valdosta Police Department Release

Valdosta, GA - The Valdosta Police Department arrested and filed a charge of Arson against Lee Walter McKinney, date of birth 9/24/1966. As part of a joint investigation by the Valdosta Police Department and Valdosta Fire Department, McKinney was arrested Wednesday for his involvement in the arson which occurred at 1401 North Troup Street on January 15th.

Both the arson and homicide investigation of January 13th is still on-going and additional arrests may be forthcoming. Further, the police department is sending a warning that any retaliation from either of these two incidents will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Valdosta, GA - January 15, 2013 - The investigation into a young man's murder took a twist when the building where he was shot was set on fire early Tuesday morning.

Valdosta's Fire Chief, J.D. Rice, said "this is definitely an arson because you had several different points where the fire started."

The 911 call about the fire went out around 2 am which led authorities to this business known in the community as the Game Room.

Stains on the outside of the building are from a flammable liquid that was doused on to the building. That's according to the Valdosta Fire Department. They say that someone took what could have been a Molotov cocktail and threw it through a window and then set the fire outside as well.

Lieutenant Aaron Kirk of the Valdosta Police Department said "we know there was a homicide there at 1401 North Troup Street the other morning. According to the business owner she believes that it's possible retaliation due to the homicide."

24-year old Alfred Pierre Bradly was shot and killed at the Game Room around 4AM on Sunday.

His sister Leah Bradley said "I can't think about moving on without my baby brother. I'll never move on, ever."

Bradley's accused shooter, Clarence Andrew Casey has been arrested and charged with murder. 2 other men,Radcliffe Eady and Michael Green, have also been arrested in connection to his death. As for the fire, police have arrested Trayvon Johnson and charged him with arson.

Valdosta, GA - Valdosta Police say they are close to making an arrest in a deadly store shooting.

Investigators are questioning several people of interest, although they have not yet named anyone as a suspect as of Monday night.

24 year old Alfred Bradley Junior was shot and killed early Sunday morning. He was killed inside a store called "T&D Snacks and Fashions" in Valdosta.

Investigators say they are close to filing charges, but no arrests have been made.

Investigators are also looking at possible city ordinance violations based on the activity in the store during the time of the shooting.

Valdosta, GA - A man is shot dead in a local store and police are still investigating several persons of interest.

Commander Brian Childress says 24 year old Alfred Bradley Junior was killed inside the "T&D Food Mart" on North Troup Street. He had a single gun shot wound. It happened around 4:15 Sunday morning. Police say there is no surveillance video.