Detour Opens In Valdosta To Help Relieve Traffic From Construction

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Valdosta, GA - A new detour opened up Tuesday in Valdosta to help relieve traffic backup from construction of a new Overpass on West Hill Avenue / Highway 84. City leaders say it will take two years to finish.

In the meantime West Hill will be down to only one lane going each way. To avoid big traffic jams the Department of Transportation asks drivers to use the detour.

Officials say the detour is supposed to be a little less than five miles. Many wonder how much time that will add to their commute. So Eyewitness News reporter Greg Gullberg gave the detour a timed trial.

The detour took him from Downtown, headed south across the James M. Beck Overpass. He took a right on Madison Highway. That took him to Gil Harbin Industrial Blvd. Which took him back up to St. Augustine Rd.

All in all, in moderate traffic it took Greg about 7:40.

The overpass is scheduled to be complete in early 2015.

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You can get frequent construction updates by following the Metropolitan Planning Organization or Georgia Department of Transportation (GDot) on Facebook or Twitter.