Discussions Of Racial Profiling In Light Of Trayvon Martin Case

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- Valdosta, Ga. - April 19, 2012 -

The Trayvon Martin case has spurred conversations everywhere about how laws and racial profiling affect society.

Thursday Valdosta State University students and faculty held a panel discussion. Four panelists dissected Florida's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law.

But most of the talk was aimed at racial profiling and how it factored into the Sanford teen's death.

"So you notice there's a whole laundry list of things young black men are not supposed to wear. But I can't think of one thing that a young white male can't wear. The only thing I can think of is wearing a ski mask at a bank; it's probably not a good idea for anybody," said Dr. Thomas Hochschild, a professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Valdosta State University.

Trayvon Martin was the unarmed Sanford, Florida teen who was shot and killed by a neighborhood watchman.