Drivers Pay The Price When They Don't Move Over

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- Cook Co., Ga. - April 26, 2012 -

When you're driving on the highway in Georgia or Florida and approach an emergency vehicle on the shoulder, do you give them space? If you don't you could be breaking the law.

Deputy Vito Pellitteri with the Cook County Sheriff's Department took Eyewitness News reporter Greg Gullberg onto Interstate-75. They sat on the shoulder with lights flashing to see how many violators they could find.

"A lot of times as soon as we finish a traffic stop we'll get one that goes flying by and that's our next traffic stop," said Deputy Pellitteri.

Deputy Pellitteri and Gullberg watched from the shoulder as dozens of drivers violated the law in only 30 minutes time.

"There's no excuse for it," said Deputy Pellitteri.

It's called the "Move Over" law. It exists in Georgia and Florida requiring drivers to give room to law enforcement, fighter fighters, emergency medical services and tow trucks.

Violators are fined as much as $500.

Cook County Sheriff John Daughtrey says the law protects men and women working roadside from careless drivers. He reminds us of one Deputy in Broward County, Florida who was killed in February 2006 during a traffic stop.

"If you can't move over it does say to slow down to a speed lower than the posted speed limit and be prepared to stop," said Deputy Pellitteri.

Deputy Pellitteri took Gullberg along as he chased down a fiery red Corvette that blew past them talking on the shoulder.

The most popular excuse:

"They didn't know they were supposed to move over," said Deputy Pellitteri.

If you don't obey the law, they're watching you.