Eye on Business: CJB Industries

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Their slogan is simple. CJB Industries is an innovative partner in chemistry and a supplier for chemical manufacturing services. Their headquarters are nestled in the fabric of the Valdosta community and their President is a man with a plan to better serve the industry and the community.

"We believe in stewardship and being a steward of something that is not necessarily ours. In this case, our employees are work ready which is a big thing in the state of Georgia," said CJB President Clinton Beeland.

Beeland believes so much in education that he usually only hires employees who have a strong education background or are willing to learn. 80 percent of CJB's management staff have a B.S. degree or higher. And that efficiency has allowed the company to profit during the down economy.

"We added a new facility, added new employees. We've grown and added about 50% employees in the last year and a half. For us, that's a significant percentage of about 20-25 jobs."

In all, CJB has around 60 full time employees and hires more on a part time basis during peak season. The new facility has allowed CJB to be one of the top independent suppliers of choice for chemical manufacturing services, formulating, processing, and more with a focus on tolling and contract packaging.

"We are very much a manufacturing company. That's our core competency. We'll continue to develop in manufacturing and get better at it, more efficient. We believe a lot of business that went to India or China is coming back here."