Facebook Launches Organ Donation Campaign

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-- May 1, 2012 --

Facebook announced a plan on Tuesday to encourage users to post their organ donation status on their pages. It's a move aimed at getting people to become donors.

"I think putting your preference and your donor status on your facebook page is a very creative, modern, current way to actually positively impact a nationwide healthcare issue," said Barbara MacArthur, Chief Nursing Officer at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

Less than half of adult Americans are registered donors.

"Lives can be saved or certainly improved with either organ or tissue donation. And any way that we can communicate that desire personally and as a society is great." said MacArthur.

The campaign has good intentions, but once again it raises the question how much information is too much information to share with your friends?

Some people say Facebook is crossing a line.

"That's stuff that needs to be on their driver's license and stay there and that's as far as it needs to go," said Facebook user Jared Toole.

Others applaud the effort but say individuals can decide for themselves.

"It's your personal preference. If you wanna put it on there then put it on there, if not, then don't," said Raychell Salisbury, a Tallahassee resident.