Family Talks About Valdosta DJ's Killing Two Years Ago

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Monday marks the two-year anniversary of the death of Hilda Edgerton's husband, Stephon, also known as DJ Juan Gatti. He was killed outside the V-96FM radio station.

"It's been difficult, to make life seem as normal as possible but obviously it's not," said Edgerton. "I think the best way how we get through it, I know how I get through it is when I can still see the smiles on the children's faces."

"There was a time when I was deep in the trenches and I'm just glad that I can at least say I'm happy to be alive and I'm happy to see other people smile and to see myself smile because I know that's what he would want," said Edgerton's daughter, Mia.

The DJ was finishing his night shift at the radio station when it happened. Edgerton took a couple of steps outside the station door and then was shot. The killer ran away and hasn't been found since. He called 911 after being shot and described the gunman to authorities who still haven't caught a suspect.

Rev. Floyd Rose of Serenity Church remembers Edgerton fondly.

"He was one of my musicians when we first started this church four years ago, and he really was good. Everybody loved him and that was his reputation everywhere he went.," said Rose.

After two years with no results on finding the killer, the family is asking for more help.

"I'm hoping that the Lowndes County Sheriff's Department will seek some assistance from the FBI being that it's gone on this long and they haven't been able to catch anybody. I just don't want people to forget that the case is still open and that somebody knows something," said Edgerton.

The family says there is a reward fund set up at the First State Bank in Valdosta to anyone who has information that will lead to the killers arrest.