Family Awakened by Gunfire, Home Shot Dozens of Times

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Valdosta, GA - Hours before sunrise one Valdosta neighborhood was lit up by gun fire. Tiffany Rapley was in the home when it was shot. She said "it's the fact that children, my families lives were at stake when this happened."

That family consisted of six people including a sixteen year old, ten year old and six year old. All of them were awakened when someone fired more than a dozen shots. The gunfire hit the home and the neighboring house in the 900 block of McAfina Trail around 4 in the morning.

Tiffany went on to say "my little cousin, he normally get up around five oclock, right after this happened. That's normally the time he get up and take a shower and get ready for school. There's a bullet hole right there in that shower. If he was in that shower he could have got hit in the back."

Based on the shell casings found around the house, it was a nine millimeter hand gun used to make the bullet holes.

Lieutenant Aaron Kirk of the Valdosta Police Department said "We're not sure what the circumstances were. We don't know if the people in these houses were being targeted or if it just happened to be that the incident occurred in front of their house."

Benjamin Williams' son and mother were in the house when it was shot. He said "that's the police job to make sure this don't happen. But if they aint going to do nothing to try and stop it from happening, you got to make a stand. You got to stand up for yourself. I aint fitting to see my momma get hurt."

No one was injured in this incident. If anyone has information about this shooting: