Family Starts Charity To Support Victims Of SIDS

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- Coffee Co., Ga. - June 17, 2012 -

Guy Wolfe just may be running the most lucrative lawn mowing business in South Georgia.

He makes anywhere between $35 and $115 per lawn. On top of that he sells cupcakes and hosts fundraisers.

But he isn't getting rich here. He's raising money for his charity supporting families affected by SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

"You cannot put into words what losing a child feels like. It says in the Bible in Second Samuel that losing a child is the hardest thing that anyone can have to go through on this Earth. And I'm here to tell you that it is," Wolfe said.

His daughter, Mia Wolfe, died at just 3.5 months old. On March 19th of this year they laid her down for a nap and came back 20 minutes later to find she had stopped breathing.

"The only symptom is death. She went to sleep. She was a very healthy baby. She had just had her three month check up," Wolfe said.

The Wolfe family has started a faith-based charity. They're raising funds to support SIDS research, assist families in bereathment and educate the public of this deadly disease. They call it the 'Baby Butterfly Foundation'.

"When she came out of that little snuggie that she went to sleep in, she would throw her arms back and just stretch and stretch and that's why my wife called her our 'Baby Butterfly'", Wolfe said.

Today the Wolfe family has decorated their home with butterflies everywhere. Including a butterfly garden in the backyard. And they plant new flowers every time they hear of a local family that has lost a child to SIDS.

"She never said a word but she's touched a lot of lives," Wolfe said.

- - - Links To 'Baby Butterfly Foundation' - - -

The 'Baby Butterfly Foundation' specializes in outreach to families that are victims of SIDS. It is run by Guy & Lena Wolfe.

You can find them on Facebook by following this link:

You can call them at this phone number:
(912) 327-3904

Follow these links to find blogs written by Mia's family: