Feeling Young At All Ages

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Tallahassee - May 16, 2012 - 11:56pm

In the animal kingdom, there are no worries when it comes to age, but for the human race it's a different story. Age and youth seem to dominate the American culture.

Tallahassee resident, Norma Kelly, is a grandmother in her 60s. She says she feels way younger than 63.

"I don't act like a 63 year old, I don't know what a 63 year old acts like," said Kelly as she laughed.

She's in good company. Many women say they feel younger than what their mothers and grandmothers were like at their age now.

"My grandmother was in the kitchen baking all the time, but I'm a grandmother and I don't do that," said Kelly.

One researcher at FSU, Anne Barrett, took a closer look at what constitutes as being middle aged. She found that on average, most people think of middle age as beginning at 44 years old and ended at 60.

You may get different answers if you ask women if they think that's accurate, but overall they say today's woman is younger than ever.

"We take care of ourselves, we go to the gym we watch what we eat, we do all the right things," said Tallahassee resident, 55 year-old Susie Williams.

Many women say they try not to define themselves by what society says is young proving that age no matter how old you are, really is just a state of mind.