Final Decision Made On Alcohol Laws In Live Oak

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By Greg Gullberg
Feb. 12, 2013

Live Oak, FL - Should alcohol be sold on Sundays? Should bars be allowed to stay open past midnight? The City Council in Live Oak, Florida put that up to vote Tuesday.

The Little Bar is a popular place in downtown Live Oak to grab an adult beverage. But owner Jeff Anteri worries the city's alcohol ordinance to this point has been driving customers away. His biggest concern is how he is forced to close at midnight but customers can simply drive right out to the county where bars are open until 2 am.

"Yeah, most of my customers leave here between 11:30, quarter to 12:00. They've gotta drive five miles out of town, when most of them live in town, to go have some more time to hang out with their friends," Anteri said.

Then there's no Sunday sales. Bars are closed on Sundays and buying beer at the grocery store is not allowed either.

The discussion was lively in Tuesday's City Council meeting. There was little argument over Sunday Sales. The bulk of the discussion was on whether to extend bar hours to 2:00 am.

"To me it's a public safety issue. I've found that nothing good can happen after 12:00 at night," said Mayor Sonny Nobles.

The vote was taken and the 4-1 decision was final. Sunday Sales was approved. But bars cannot stay open till 2:00. They comprimised at 1:00. Effective immediately.

Jeff Anteri who owns the Little Bar says he's thrilled with the outcome.