Fire Chief Shares 9-11 Story For The First Time

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- Hahira, Ga. - Sept. 11, 2012 -

Hahira Fire Chief Dwight Bennett told his story publicly for the first time Tuesday of how he was part of a Lowndes County Unit sent to Ground Zero the day after the attacks on September 11th, 2001. He spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News reporter Greg Gullberg after telling his story at a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new Fire and EMS complex.

"We'll never forget the smells and the feelings while we were in there. And it's something you can't put into words. It's just horror. Absolute horror," said Chief Bennett.

Bennett and his team were in New York City for most of a week, helping to clean up after the worst attack on U.S. soil.

"There was dust, debris and papers everywhere. Nothing had color, everything was gray. We didn't find any telephones, any computers, it was just devastation," said Chief Bennett.

Even after returning home, Chief Bennett says the images are something he will never be able to leave behind.

"There were quite a few rough nights where it was hard to sleep. And even eleven years later (there are) occasionally still," Chief Bennett said.