Flash Flooding Hits Thomasville

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Thomasville, GA -- June 7, 2012

Some sections of Thomasville have changed following flash floods that drowned parts of the city Wednesday.

Lake Eagle off of Remington Rd. is nothing but a creek now. According to Robert Porter of Thomasville, the former lake dumped into Cherokee Lake nearby, taking most of the fish with it. The Thomas County sheriff's office wants to educate the public about flood dangers gonig forward.

"When water is flooding like this, you don't know where these drains are. You could very easily step off into one, just like the incident that happened yesterday and be sucked away underneath the road before you even know what happened," said Cpt. Steve Jones.

A sheriff's deputy pulled a boy from one of the drains during the flood yesterday. He was taken to the hospital but was released with no injuries.

Thomasville, GA -------- June 6 2012

Flash floods have left many people in clean up mode.

Wednesday's downpour left residents in Thomasville, Georgia wading in the water. Five to six inches of rain fell in the town in just an hour and a half.

"There was stuff floatin' down the middle of the street," said Thomasville resident, Paul Boyd. "I mean all those houses down there and down that side of the street the families said there's 2 feet of water inside the houses."

David Crider, who works at the Days Inn Hotel says water damaged up to 60 rooms. He says it took about two hours for the waters to die down and estimates damages could cost anywhere between $30,000 and $40,000.

No one was reported injured or missing in tonight's flooding.