Flood Victims Get Help At Suwannee Valley Music Festival

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Suwannee County, Florida- August 17, 2012

Live music fills the air at The Suwannee Valley Flood Jam near Live Oak, Florida but the main attraction is flood victims.

Because of Tropical Storm Debby, residents of Columbia, Hamilton and Suwannee counties get free admission. The park is holding silent auctions and raffles to support charities like "Love Inc." and "The United Way". And those charities will in-turn use the money to support flood victims.

There are also FEMA representatives standing-by to offer disaster relief assistance.

"We're out here trying to assist flood victims as much as we possibly can," said FEMA Representative Herman Price. "We also are finding a lot of people that have not registered and are trying to follow up on their claim. And really (we offer) any kind of assistance we possibly can to try to help them."

The Suwannee Valley Flood Jam runs all night and into the wee hours of the morning Friday and Saturday.