Florida Veterans Celebrate Freedom Achieved by Military

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-- Quincy, Fl. -- May 25, 2012 --

It was a hot day in Quincy and people could do what they wanted... thanks to the military. The Florida Veterans of Foreign Wars hosted their third annual emancipation day. The event honors soldiers who have served in combat to protect our freedom. Despite decades gone by, memories of war are still fresh. Willie Ellison served in Vietnam.

He said 'It's important to me, but yet I don't talk about it. Because it brings back memories. But the day itself and Memorial Day itself, because of the stuff that I've seen, makes it special for me."

Jimmy Jones is a member of the Florida Veterans of Foreign Wars. He said "in this county, Gadsden County here, there's quite a few veterans. In fact if you look at it percentage wise we have a higher percentage of Veterans in Gadsden County than any other county in the state of Florida."

One Quincy resident, Katherine Bridges, said "I think the military is wonderful, and we need them."