Free Seminar Boosts Confidence and Job Prospects

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-- Tallahassee, Fl. -- August 25, 2012 --

The Business and Professional Women of Tallahasse, or B-P-W, hosted it's annual Back to Business Event. The free seminar focuses on helping local women find jobs.

One student who attended the event, Charlotte Waters, said "it's nice to have women that you can go to, have a community that you can go to. And BPW has always provided events like this that makes you feel comfortable to ask questions and get pampered a little bit too."

There were five different work sessions... one of which was all about appearance. Free haircuts, styling and image makeovers were available for anyone who wanted them.

Waters went on to say "image is very important. As a business professional first impressions, whether you like it or not, are going to happen. And when you except that I think it becomes engrained in you and you become a better professional."

Home life can often be a challange professionally, which is something organizers took into account.

Kathleen Hampton is the President Elect of the Business and Professional Women of Tallahasee. She said "some of these women are single mothers. They have children at home and it's up to them to bring an income. So it's stressful, it's also.. It's very hard to find the skills you need in the community for free."

This was the third year that BPW hosted the event.