Frogs Out In Full Force After Flood

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- Suwannee Co., FL - July 18, 2012 -

Flooding can have lots of interesting side effects and now some local communities are seeing a new one hopping by. Lots of tiny little frogs.

Viewers have been commenting on our Facebook page about how they have never seen this many frogs and toads before. A local biologist says there is just the right amount of water, heat and abundance of insects right now. And the reason their breeding took off like it did is because the recent drought has created just the right conditions.

"A lot of the frogs and toads are very opportunistic. As soon as it starts to rain and there is any kind of pool of water standing around they are going to move to those rapidly and start breeding," said Dr. David Bechler, VSU Biology Professor.

Dr. Bechler says he is working with the Department of Natural Resources to better understand their patterns.