Georgia Budget Proposal Focuses On Education

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By Greg Gullberg
March 28, 2013

Valdosta, GA - Georgia House and Senate leaders have agreed on a State Operating Budget for the next fiscal year and now it's on the way to the governor for approval.

It's roughly $41 billion. It's a combination of state and federal money. The two chambers formally adopted the proposal Thursday morning.

The proposal has many state agencies seeing slight budget cuts, but it largely spares K through 12 education. In fact, there's a plan to expand the length of the Pre-K school year. But it isn't adding to it, it's returning it to where it once was.

Jennifer Steedley with Valdosta City Schools says the Pre-K school year is 170 instructional days now, this will return it back to 180.

"Our Pre-K children deserve the same opportunities as our Kindergarten through 12th grade children. So we're really excited to have the same calendar for all the children in our school district," Steedley said.

The proposal will also lower the academic requirements for technical college students to get on the HOPE Scholarship. But it will stay the same for university students.

The budget year begins July 1st.