Georgia Citizen Patrol Uses Old Police Cruiser

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Associated Press Release

AVONDALE ESTATES, Ga. (AP) -- Residents of an Atlanta suburb are planning to fight crime by patrolling the streets using an old police cruiser.

CBS Atlanta reports that Citizens on Patrol would be made up of volunteers who would patrol Avondale Estates in teams of two. More than 50 people have shown an interest in joining the group, though the plan must still be approved by the city council in the town just east of Atlanta.

The mission of group members would be to spot crime and then call 911. Avondale Estates police Cpl. Paul Conroy said group members wouldn't be allowed to have weapons, and they would simply observe their surroundings and report suspicious activity to police.

Officials said the group would be comprised of people who have passed the city's eight-week citizen police academy.