Georgia Congressman Says Budget Battle is President's Fault

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Valdosta, GA - A U.S. Congressman visits Valdosta. Republican Austin Scott is Georgia's Representative for District 8 which now includes most of Lowndes County. He came from Washington to say the biggest obstacle to a balanced budget is President Obama.

"I'm not sure the president is going to be willing to reduce spending without us taking some drastic measures. But we're prepared to do what it takes to cut spending," said Scott.

Gretchen Quarterman is chairwoman of the Lowndes Democratic party.

"Instead I would say over the last two years Congress has been obstructionist and Congressman Scott has been a part of that in not working with the Senate and the president," said Quarterman.

Scott expressed disappointment in the agreement reached to avoid the Fiscal Cliff.

"Unfortunately I think the bill that passed just raised taxes. I think as people get their paychecks they'll start to understand that unless they got a pay raise their actual take home will be going down based on the legislation that passed," said Scott.

But Quartman says the problem is taxes are unfair to begin with.

"So if a school teacher is paying 25% tax and a rich person is paying 15%, that's not really fair," said Quarterman.

But their is one thing they both agree on.

"I quite honestly think both sides ought to put their budgets on C-Span and maybe we ought to have those negotiations on C-Span," said Scott.

"So I'm all for having everything all out on the table for all citizens to see," said Quarterman.