Georgia Counties To Receive Forestland Protection Act Grant Reimbursements

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News Release: Georgia Senate Press Office

ATLANTA (January 27, 2014) | Governor Nathan Deal’s annual State of the State Address laid out the plans for the Amended Fiscal Year 2014 budget to incorporate $25.6 million for Forestland Protection Grant reimbursements including $14.5 for school systems. These grants provide local governments with funds necessary to maintain key local services and quality schools while also preserving the state’s crucial natural resources.
“These reimbursements provide an opportunity to maintain and build infrastructure to continue the economic growth of southwest Georgia,” said Sen. Burke. “By implementing these funds into our educational systems, we are striving toward providing the best learning environment for our students and teachers.”
Counties within District 11 will receive the following total reimbursements from the Forestland Protection Act Grant reimbursements:

  • Colquitt- $140,397

  • Decatur- $1,382,252

  • Early- $1,699,042

  • Grady- $244,845

  • Miller- $113,075

  • Mitchell- $123,294

  • Seminole- $657,887

  • Thomas- $1,576,847

The grants are paid based on the difference between the forest land fair market value and the forest land conservation use value.