2014 Georgia Primary Election Results

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Updated By: Eyewitness News
May 21, 2014 - 1am

Check back here for a list of confirmed winners.

Local Races

Lowndes County
Lowndes County Board of Education, District 1 - Mike Davis
Lowndes County Board of Education, District 2 - Eric Johnson

Seminole County
Commissioner, District 2 - Hugh "Dee" Broome III & Sheila Williams (Runoff will take place July 22, 2014)

State Races

GA Governor (R) - Nathan Deal
GA Secretary of State (D) - Doreen Carter
GA PSC - District 4 (R) - Lauren Bubba McDonald
GA Insurance Commissioner (D) - Elizabeth Johnson
GA School Superintendent (R) - Michael Buck & Richard Woods (Runoff will take place July 22, 2014)
GA School Superintendent (D) - Valarie Wilson & Alisha Morgan (Runoff will take place July 22, 2014)

US Senate, Georgia (R) - David Perdue & Jack Kingston (Runoff will take place July 22, 2014)
US Senate, Georgia (D) - Michelle Nunn

US House, GA District 1 (R) - Buddy Carter & Robert Johnson (Runoff will take place July 22, 2014)
US House, GA District 1 (D) - Amy Tavio & Brian Reese (Runoff will take place July 22, 2014)
US House, GA District 2 (R) - Gregory Duke

GA Senate, District 8 (R) - Ellis Black & John Page (Runoff will take place July 22, 2014)
GA Senate, District 13 (R) - Greg Kirk & Bryce Johnson (Runoff will take place July 22, 2014)
GA House, District 152 (R) - Ed Rynders
GA House, District 153 (D) - Carol Fullerton & Darrel Ealum (Runoff will take place July 22, 2014)
GA House, District 173 (R) - Darlene Taylor
GA House, District 174 (R) - John Corbett

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Updated By: Winnie Wright
May 20, 2014, 11pm

We've got continuing coverage on the Georgia Primary Elections.

The Lowndes County Board of Elections office has closed for the night with no official winners being called.

Deb Cox, the Supervisor of Elections, says they are still waiting for provisional and military ballots before they can call any of the races, which will be Friday, May 23, 2014, at 3pm.

But as of late, a couple of races to keep an eye on are the District 8 State Senate and US Representative seats. Ellis Black is leading the race for the State Senate seat with 44%. John Page has 32%, and Richard Raines has 24%.

Closer to home, Jody Hall and Scott Orenstein are neck and neck in the Lowndes County Commission District 2 race: Hall has 46% and Orenstein has 54%.

District 5 is still up in the air with Clay Griner carrying 42%, Norman Bennett with 33%, and Gretchen Quarterman holds 26%.

Over in Seminole County, there will be a runoff for the District 2 County Commission seat. Hugh Broome, III will face off against Sheila Williams in the runoff on July 22, 2014.

For any of these candidates to take the seat, they will have to receive 50% of the vote plus one vote. If they don't, it will go into a runoff.

Cox says less than 17% of active registered voters in Lowndes County voted in this election. She says it was a very low turnout, even for a midterm primary election.

WCTV will keep updating this article as those official results start coming in.

Updated By: Winnie Wright
May 20, 2014

Midterm primary elections are underway in six states across the United States - one of them is Georgia.

The Director of Elections in Lowndes County says this year has seen a very low turnout, even for a midterm primary election.

She says nearly 7% of active registered voters turned out for early voting, and at noon today, that number was only 3%. While that number seems pretty low, it was calculated only this afternoon.

Some pretty crucial races are going on today in Georgia, the biggest being the Republican Primary for Georgia's Governor. Republican Nathan Deal is facing off against David Pennington and John Barge.

Another big one is the race to see who will fill retiring U.S. Senator Chambliss's seat.

Jack Kingston is in the running for that seat, so his Georgia State Senate seat has become a battleground in District 1.

There are also quite a few local elections underway as well in South Georgia.

WCTV is told the elections could have final tallies any time after 7pm. We will update this article with the results as this information becomes available.

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News Release: Georgia Secretary of State
May 19, 2014

Atlanta – Early in-person voting ended on Friday, May 16. While mail-in absentee ballots can still be cast until the polls close tomorrow evening, the majority of early votes have been cast.

Number of ballots cast: 239,281
Number of ballots voted in person: 214,975
Number of mail-in ballots returned: 24,306
Number of mail-in ballots outstanding: 14,385
Number of ballots cast, Republican: 147,995
Number of ballots cast, Democratic: 88,316
Number of ballots cast, non-partisan: 2,970
Compared with four years ago, early voting numbers are higher than they were in 2010.
Number of ballots cast in 2010: 212,487
Number of ballots voted in person in 2010: 162,065
Number of mail-in ballots returned in 2010: 50,422

“The numbers make it clear that Georgia voters are increasingly taking advantage of early voting opportunities,” said Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp. “The counties have done a wonderful job of fine-tuning the early voting process.”

In 2010, in person early voting was spread out over a seven-week period rather than the three-week period that exists now. The numbers reflect that by compressing the process, more Georgia voters actually vote early.

“This early voting period was an extremely smooth process,” said Kemp. “I appreciate the work of my staff, the county election officials and the many poll workers and volunteers who worked so hard.”

Brian Kemp has been Secretary of State since January 2010. Among the offices wide-ranging responsibilities, the Secretary of State is charged with conducting secure, accessible and fair elections, the registration of corporations, and the regulation of securities and professional license holders.