Georgia Voters Will Decide Whether To Raise Taxes For Transportation

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- Valdosta, Ga. - June 08, 2012 -

Georgia voters will decide next month whether they want a new tax increase in a special Transportation Penny Tax.

Georgia voters decide July 31st whether they want to add an extra penny to their sales tax. That means sales tax will go from seven cents to eight cents.

State leaders say Georgia is in the midst of a transportation funding crisis. And that Georgia ranks next to last in per capita transportation spending.

"It's terrible, we travel from Florida everyday and I play on my tablet on the way home and I always tell my husband we must be in Georgia now because I can't play my game anymore," said Teresa Elwell, a Florida resident who frequently travels to Ga.

"I think they should keep their hands out of our pockets because raising taxes isn't going to help the people at all. I think it's a bad, bad idea," said Ga. voter Megan Hughes.

Voting will be divided among 12 regions in the state. Each region's election will be separate from the other eleven regions. But not everyone knows how they feel yet.

"I would have to think on it a little bit more to decide whether or not I was going to vote for or against it," said Ga. voter Madelaine Fitch.

The tax lasts 10 years on all sales in the counties within that particular region.