Georgia in Top Ten for Sickliest States for Kids

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Shawna Griffin knows the importance of pre-natal care.

"It's so important to make sure you're eating right and you're going and getting the check-ups," says Thomasville Resident Shawna Griffin.

When she's not working for the school system, she's spending time with little Collin.

"From working in different high schools, I have seen a very high number of teen pregnancies," says Griffin.

Kids Count Data Book shows that Mississippi ranks at number one, Georgia is number nine, and Florida follows behind at 15 of the sickliest states in the U.S. for kids.

"We see a lot of teenagers here that come and unfortunately we see several repeat cases," says Client Service Manager Brenda Davis.

Brenda Davis works at the Southwest Georgia Pregnancy Center where counseling and pregnancy testing are available, free of charge.

Staff at Pregnancy Center tell us 74 percent of their clients are 15-24 years old. They can come in and get a pregnancy test and in five minutes they'll have their results.

"It's scary when you're young and don't know what to do or how people will react, but there's help available," says Griffin.

With Georgia ranking in the top ten, Griffin says more people should take advantage of the free programs out there.