Having Trouble With The New WCTV.tv Layout?

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June 20, 2012 -

You may have noticed that the WCTV.tv website has upgraded to a new interface. Our site has been upgraded to HTML5. While the upgrade is designed to give you, our viewers, the best way to get online local news in our area, some folks might have visual issues and/or errors with the new interface. Typically, most of these issues can be solved by upgrading your web browser, as older browsers, such as Internet Explorer 6 and 7, will have compatibility issues with the new HTML5 format. Below, you can find a link to an upgraded version of Internet Explorer, as well as links to two other alternative browsers.

Thank you again for choosing WCTV.tv for your local news, weather, and sports!

You can download the Google Chrome browser here.

You can download the Firefox browser here.

The latest version of Internet Explorer can be found here.