Highest Rate of Infant Mortality in State Being Combated by March of Dimes

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- April 14, 2012 --

The crowds came out to support the March of Dimes in Valdosta.
Eyewitness News Reporter Eames Yates spoke to supporters about its importance locally.

Around 400 people came out for Valdosta's March of Dimes. The goal: to raise awareness for premature babies.

Lowndes County has the highest infant mortality rate in the state. Dr. Chris Young from South Georgia Medical Center specializes in sick and pre-term babies. He spoke about the need for March of Dimes in Lowndes County.

He said "I think this is a problem that is going to be around for a while. And hopefully through a collective effort we can help improve, again, healthy full term pregnancies and life long health for our babies."

Dr. Young went on to say "there's not one particular demographic that's affected more so than others with the exception of teenagers."

The organization offers support for families who have a premature child. It also helps fund research that looks into the cause of premature babies.

Valdosta's March of Dimes Chair Chuck Roberts said "there's great health care here in Lowndes County but for some reason the education isn't where it needs to be."

Last year Valdosta's March of Dimes raised about $52,000 dollars. Organizers say they're on track to pass that number this year.