The Numbers Show More Georgia Job Seekers Are Finding Work

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By Greg Gullberg
May 19, 2013

Valdosta, GA - It looks like more folks in Georgia are going back to work. The Unemployment Rate is the lowest it's been in four years.

That's encouraging news for job seekers in Georgia. Labor officials say the Unemployment Rate has improved to 8.2%. That's down from 8.4% over the course of just one month. And it was 9.1% just one year ago.

Georgia's Unemployment Rate is now the lowest it's been since December 2008. That's because of 30,000 new jobs, mainly in "Leisure and Hospitality", "Professional Services" and big gains in "Construction".

"Probably our biggest positive is, as we look over the year at our construction jobs, we're seeing our best numbers since 2007 which predates the recession," said Mark Butler, Georgia Labor Commissioner.

But even while Unemployment in Georgia is improving, the new numbers also show an uptick in layoffs. So is there cause for concern?

"Well no, not really. If you go back and look over the last seven years, we typically see a little bit of an uptick during this time and there's not exactly a concrete reason to it," Butler said. "There is some evidence it has something to do with tax season where some firms will bolster up their work force during that period. But over all we're continuing to see those numbers improve year over."

Even with the new numbers, Georgia's Unemployment Rate of 8.2% is still well above the national of 7.5%.