[UPDATE] Cause of House Fire in Boston, Georgia Ruled 'Undetermined'

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Boston, Georgia-August 29, 2012

The cause for a local home destroyed by fire has been ruled "undetermined".

On Friday Aug. 24, a blaze broke out at a home in Boston, Georgia.

Thomas County Fire Chief Chris Jones says the house was not insured and since there's no foul play suspected, the owner had the option to decline further investigation.

The woman who was renting the house also did not own insurance, so all of her belongings were lost in the fire.

"That's one thing we can't stress enough for someone who rents a home, whether it be a mobile home or house, for that individual to have some type of renters insurance to protect their belongings," said Chief Jones.

Chief Jones said the victim is now receiving assistance from the local Red Cross.
Boston, Georgia - August 24, 2012 -

According to the Thomas County firefighters’ preliminary investigation, the home in Boston, Georgia was completely destroyed and is considered a total loss. Three Thomas County firefighting crews (Sunset, Barwick and Boston) worked the fire. The woman who lives in the house was not there at the time of the fire, so the home was vacant. There are no reported injuries. The address of the home is 305 South Oak Street. Fire Chief Chris Jones says firefighters responded to the fire at about 10:40 a.m. The call was placed by a worker in the area.

According to the preliminary findings, it’s believed that the fire started in the front of the home, but the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.