Investigation into Boston Pharmacy That Started in 2009 Winding Down

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THOMAS COUNTY, GA -- April 20, 2012 -

Back in late 2009, Boston Pharmacy on Main St. in Boston, Georgia was involved in a bust.

"They were basically selling hydrocodone without prescriptions," said Thomasville-Thomas County Narcotics Commander Kevin Lee.

Pharmacist James Murphy had been arrested for trafficking hydrocodone. Two others, Arnolfo Capistran and Myrtie Luna, both Boston residents, were also arrested. Narc agents say they were selling the pills on the streets.

Today, the pharmacy remains open, under new ownership that has tried to distance itself from this case.

"Basically the reason we're here in Boston is to serve people, that's what a pharmacist goes to school for that is to serve people," said new owner Ralph Griffis.

Griffis has been in the pharmacy business for more than 50 years. He thought it was important to take on this pharmacy after the bust because of the needs of Boston's elderly population.

"We're here to serve the purpose of them not having to go out of town to get their prescriptions," said Griffis.

Narcotics agents say that the investigation is winding down on the previous owners, but the impact of the illegal trafficking remains.

"Kind of like a doctor, you trust this person to do the right thing and give you the right medication and make sure these people have prescriptions. When they don't, it sets the whole community back," said Lee.