Largest Construction Project in South Georgia Medical Center's History Underway

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- March 27, 2012 --

South Georgia Medical Center is undergoing the largest construction project in its history valued at roughly $100 million. Eyewitness News reporter Eames Yates looks at local involvement, and what we can expect when its done.

There are 5 construction projects currently underway here at South Georgia Medical Center. The largest of which is a new patient tower for cardiac and critical care.

There will be 48 new intensive care rooms and an additonal 48 private rooms. Bill Forbes, the Chief Planning Officer of the project, spoke about the time table.

He said "we still intend to complete it somewhere mid year of 2013. And probably bring it in the budget of somewhere around $40 million dollars."

A Majority of that work is being done by local contractors.

Forbes went on to say "The overall construction is the largest project that we've undertaken in the fifty seven year history of the hospital. So it's very important to us. It probably adds twenty to twenty five percent to our overall footprint."

The $10.5 million dollar parking garage behind me is one of the projects expected to be completed first. It's scheduled to be done by the end of July.