Latino Community Hosts Fair Combating Alcoholism

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- June 9, 2012 --

Fun, food, music.. and prayer. This health fair was a success. Seven hispanic churches from all over Valdosta came out to John Saunders Memorial Park.

One visitor said "we're just gathering our churches together so we can praise the lord together." Another said "overall there's nothing like Christ in the family, that's the bottom line."

Miryan Espinosa is a Professor at Valdosta State University. She said "we are trying to build a better community. A healthy more cohesive latino community in the area."

Preventing alcoholism was the main goal of the event. But other important services were offered. The Literacy Volunteer Program was out in full force. According to a national literacy survey 22% of adults perform at a fifth grade reading level. The program aims to slash that percentage. That's not all.. they offer help that goes far beyond teaching people how to read.

Charlie Oliver is the Literacy Volunteer Director. Sh said "It is available and it is free. And it depends on what they need. If a person wants a drivers license tomorrow, we'll help them get their drivers license. If they want to do fractions better, we'll help them do that."

More than 200 hundred people came out throughout the day.