Former First Lady Laura Bush Visits Valdosta

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Former first lady Laura Bush is the keynote speaker at benefit dinner tonight, hosted by the Georgia Christian School.

The school asked her to speak because of her background in education.

The former first lady has been a public school teacher and librarian.

The focus of tonight is to raise money and expose the community to Georgia Christian School. Tonight's dinner has raised around $150 thousand dollars.

The school has roughly 200 kids. Enrollment increased by about 5 percent after Governor Mike Huckabee spoke at last years dinner. The school's headmaster spoke about the challenges in bringing the former first lady to Valdosta.

Brad Lawson, Georgia Christian School Headmaster, stated, "there was a lot more involvement than there had been in the past. And it was a matter of negotiating back and forth for about two and a half months before we were able to secure the former first lady. There were a lot of different hoops to jump through and obviously you're dealing with secret service and a lot of other things. So when you bring a former first lady to town there's a lot more logistically that has to be taken care of."

Valdosta, GA - A very special guest is coming to Valdosta Thursday. Former First Lady Laura Bush will be speaking at a fundraiser for Georgia Christian School.

The Benefit Dinner will be at Valdosta State University. Tickets sold out shortly after the school announced the event in May.

Last year they hosted former GOP presidential candidate, Arkansas Governor and Fox News personality Mike Huckabee.